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Our school uniform

Uniform is an important part of a school’s identity. It reinforces who we are as a community and helps students to feel pride in being part of that community. Wearing a uniform also helps prepare students for life after school where many will have to dress smartly for work.

The requirements for our school uniform at Benjamin Adlard are as follows:

  • Skirts: Standard black or grey skirt. To be worn no shorter than one inch above the knee.
  • Jumpers: Royal blue jumpers/cardigans only. No hooded jumpers or other colours, including grey.
  • School trousers: Standard black or grey. No tracksuit bottoms/jeans or similar (even if black).
  • No make-up, false eyelashes, nail varnish or jewellery: These must not be worn for school. No other body piercing is allowed, e.g. nose studs, tongue studs or other ear piercings. All studs should be removed for PE.
PE and Forest School kit

All children should wear loose fitting sports clothes for PE and outdoor activities at Forest School. Outdoor clothing should be worn when the weather is poor. Your child will also need a pair of wellies to bring to school.

How to order school uniform

You can order and pay for school uniform online from Uniform Direct, 9 Market Street, Gainsborough. DN21 2BL. Contact 01427 616105, or visit the website via the link below.