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English consists of reading, writing, spoken language, handwriting, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar.

Each of these aspects are taught both as subjects on their own and alongside other areas of the curriculum. We use the English programmes of study for Key Stages 1 and 2 as the foundation of our English curriculum.


We recognise the huge benefits of reading - social, academic, emotional, and economic. By teaching our pupils to read well, making time within the school day to read, and embedding a culture of reading at our school, we know we can make a difference to our children’s lives.

Our provision for reading - developing word reading and comprehension through high-quality teaching - is the priority, developing a love of reading is intertwined with learning to read at Benjies. See our Reading for pleasure page to find out more about what this means at our school.

Writing and speaking

We recognise that language is a key building block in child development, and we aim to give every child the literacy skills they need. This will allow them to enjoy reading for knowledge as well as pleasure and enjoyment, and to write with a sense of purpose and audience. We also encourage our children to express themselves effectively and to listen and learn from each other.

At Benjamin Adlard, children are taught to listen well, speak clearly, read enthusiastically and write effectively for a wide range of purposes and audiences. Children are supported and encouraged as they learn to express themselves creatively and imaginatively on their way to becoming enthusiastic and independent learners.

Find out more about the intent, implementation and impact behind our approach to English in our English Curriculum Vision Statement below.