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School clubs

At Benjamin Adlard there are so many clubs at school. From breakfast and lunchtime clubs, to after school sports and activities, there is something for everyone!

Magic Breakfast

Benjamin Adlard Primary School is proud to be in partnership with Magic Breakfast, providing healthy breakfasts to our pupils so that they are settled and ready to learn.

Our Magic Breakfast Offer is:

What? When? Where?
Breakfast Club 8.00am - 8.55am Hall
Playground Bagels/Bagel Grab and Go
Cereals and bagels to grab and eat
8.45am - 9.00am Main Gate

To find out how to get a Magic Breakfast for your child, please contact the school office.

Lunch Clubs

Some of our pupils go to Lunch Club. At Lunch Club they have lots of fun and learn important skills.

Mrs Stanton, Miss Robinson, Mrs Hardy and Mrs Anderson run a Foundation Stage and KS1 club. This is an opportunity for pupils to get involved in fun activities such as cooking and creative arts.

KS2 children actively take part in Positive Futures club every Thursday. Children work together to develop their resilience and team building skills. 

We have sports coaches who work with the children everyday at lunch times. They do lots of different sports activities such as netball, dodgeball, circuit training and lacrosse. There’s always a focus in these sessions around our values of aspiration, independence and resilience.

Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Glover delivers a choir lunch club once a week to ensure all pupils are ready for the Young Voices concert.

Young Carers Club

Some of our children do a great job of caring for family and friends. Our Young Carers Club celebrates the hard work they put in and gives the children some time of their own to work with staff to do a range of fun activities.

After school clubs

We work closely with Premier Education to ensure all our pupils receive at least six free after school sports club sessions per term. These involve children taking part in different sporting activities such as circuit training, football, basketball, cricket and dodgeball. This is part of our unique curriculum offer designed to ensure that all our pupils have equal opportunities to support and develop mental and physical wellbeing. We ensure opportunities for our children to take part in sports competitions outside of school time.

Our teachers also offer a variety of different after school clubs including comic club, construction club, drumming club and board games club.

National Tutoring Programme

We offer free one-to-three remote tutoring to children in Years 3, 4 and 5, and face-to-face tutoring for children in Year 6.

We’ve had an excellent experience with the National Tutoring Programme. Pupils have really benefited from the additional support of fully qualified teachers. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and parents let us know how much they appreciated the support given to their child. The children were genuinely excited for their next session.

Litter Picking Club

Miss Marshall regularly runs Litter Picking Club with the eco-warriors to help support cleaning up the local area.