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Year 5: Dali


Welcome to the Dali class page!

Our teachers are Mr Breakell and Mrs Griffiths, and our teaching assistants are Mrs Lovely and Mrs Stanton.

All the adults in Year 5 LOVE reading! Between us, we have an impressive knowledge of children’s authors and will make plenty of time to talk about books with our class and spend lots of time in our brand new library.

In Design and Technology, we are learning about sewing and we will be making our own stuffed toys!

In Geography, we will be learning about where we live and the local area (discussing the UK, The British Isles, Great Britain, Lincolnshire, Gainsborough and more).

In Science, we are studying Forces. We will be learning about the strange forces that act upon us and the world around us. From Friction to Gravity to Air Resistance, we will have lots of chance to carry out experiments.