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Roots Outdoor Education

Our Roots Outdoor Education provision, which sits on the hillside above our school, is a large section of wild meadow, wildlife, grasses and trees overlooking Gainsborough and miles of the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside.

There are different areas up at Roots, including a micro farm, chicken coops, willow dome, enchanted forest and outdoor classroom provision. These offer fantastic outdoor opportunities, which are all delivered by our  Roots Outdoor Education Leader, Mr Groves.

Through play, exploration, and hands-on experiences in our natural setting, children develop confidence and self-esteem, whilst learning to take and assess risks.

Curriculum offer

Elements of our Design and Technology and science curriculum are taught at the Roots Outdoor Education provision. Children develop their word-work skills during DT sessions. In science, they use apparatus such as magnifying glasses to observe aspects of scientific enquiry. 

Check out all the things the children get to do in this wonderful setting on our dedicated Roots Outdoor Education Twitter page.

Social, emotional, and mental health provision

Children who have social, emotional, and mental health needs spend time up at the Roots Outdoor Education provision once a week working in groups to develop the micro farm. This provision supports children to develop relationships, resilience and is used as an effective intervention to regulate children who are struggling emotionally.