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Proud to be part of

Reading Warriors

At Benjamin Adlard, reading is at the heart of everything we do, and our Reading Warriors are ambassadors for this.

A group of our wonderful KS2 children take on the role of ‘Reading Warrior’ each year. These pupils are selected to represent, promote, and inspire a love of reading across the school.

Their role includes many responsibilities around school, including sharing classic stories with KS1 children. Our Reading Warriors champion a love of books and spend break times reading to younger pupils to ignite a love of reading and storytelling from an early age. They also have an extensive knowledge about book genres and different authors, as they are expected to sort and organise our vast range of books throughout school.

Another key responsibility of our fantastic Reading Warriors is to ensure our library is kept neat, tidy, and organised, and therefore be a welcoming and inviting area for readers.

At Benjamin Adlard, we aim to promote a love of reading at every possible opportunity, and the passion and enjoyment for books is perfectly showcased through our Reading Warriors.