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Reading for pleasure

Our long-term aim is to have a school full of children who choose to read and become lifelong readers. Developing a love of reading is therefore seen as an essential.

In June 2023, we became the proud recipients of a Gold Award for the Lincolnshire Reading Pledge, in recognition of the reading for pleasure culture we have developed at Benjamin Adlard.

What does Reading for Pleasure look like at Benjamin Adlard?

  • Pupils of all ages are read to every day. The texts that are shared are high quality texts from a range of genres.
  • Books are attractively displayed everywhere.
  • Teachers inspire their pupils to really want to read a book through providing them with a hook of some sort.
  • Book areas are organised to allow children to get in, easily find a great book and get reading as quickly as possible.
  • Book areas are organised by topic, author, or genre, encouraging readers to choose books they will love and want to read.
  • Sharing book recommendations, verbally or written forms, from all members of the school community.
  • Regular Book Talk Sessions, all readers can share and celebrate what they have read or are currently reading.
  • Regular Book clubs and Book talk sessions that make reading become a social activity.
  • Adults modelling good reading practice, sharing their current and favourite reads with children.
  • Supporting parents of our youngest pupils to understand the difference between a reading book and a sharing book.
  • Reading displays that promote our love of reading, sharing recommendations and high-quality books.
  • Children can choose to read during playtime and lunchtime. They can access class book areas and/or corridor library areas during this time.
  • Reading Warriors (Year 5 pupils) are provided with training to support them sharing books with younger pupils during playtimes.
  • The Book Swap Trolley provides children with books that they can choose to take home and read, keep or return them.
  • We celebrate and promote reading through developing partnerships with our local library, making links with agencies such as the Book Trust, regular assemblies, celebrating special days (World Book Day, National Poetry Day, key writers’ birthdays etc) However, books and reading are promoted and celebrated every day at Benjamin Adlard- not just on special occasions.
  • Connecting with authors, through in person or virtual visits, and by writing to authors or tagging them into tweets.
Reading Warriors

We are extremely proud of our Reading Warriors at Benjamin Adlard. The Reading Warriors are a group of Y5 pupils with an extremely important role to play in developing a love of reading for all children.

Any Year 5 pupil can apply to be a Reading Warrior. Once appointed, they receive regular training throughout the year on how to share books with younger children in the school, which they do during morning playtimes. Reading Warriors also help to run the school library.

Reading teachers

All our teachers are both readers and teachers and share their own experiences of reading with their classes. By sharing their own experiences of reading, these teachers made a positive impact on children’s desire to read and on the frequency of reading they undertake at home and at school.

Promoting our love of reading

We have a dedicated Twitter page dedicated to reading for pleasure and all the things we do in and around school associated with reading. We’ve reached out to famous people and authors associated with books our children love to read.

You can follow us @R4PBA